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SimModeler: A Customizable Environment for Simulation Applications

What is SimModeler?

SimModeler is a customizable environment for defining simulation application and simulations in a geometry-based manner and using that information, along with a mesh, to facilitate the creation of input files for analysis.

SimModeler is a customizable base

SimModeler provides the core of the Simulation Application Suite. This base module contains graphical interactors for models, attributes, processes and meshes that allow the user to view the model in 3D and to define inputs to the analysis. SimModeler provides an extensible export tool to generate run-ready CAE data, along with a Python based customization and development environment.

SimModeler allows for rapid development of targeted simulation applications for commercial distribution or in-house use.

SimModeler is Geometry-Based

SimModeler interfaces with geometry through GeomSim, which works directly off the geometric definition in the appropriate modeling kernel or CAD system. This means there are no errors due to translation of geometric information. SimModeler can easily be interfaced to any suitable source of geometry through GeomSim.

Simulation Definition and Attribute Management

  • Specification of geometry-based attributes to define information related to the simulation problem, such as material, loads, boundary conditions, etc.
  • Support of a broad range of attribute types, including integers, scalars, vectors, tensors, strings, or references to other attributes.
  • Extensible system to enable addition of attribute definitions

Generation of Run-Ready Data

  • Extensible system based on “pattern” files enables rapid creation of application specific run-ready data