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SimModeler Mesh:

High Quality, Robust Automatic Mesh Generation

What is SimModeler Mesh?

SimModeler Mesh is a SimModeler software module that automatically generates meshes appropriate for finite element, boundary element and finite volume analyses directly from geometric models.

SimModeler Mesh is Geometry-Based

SimModeler Mesh interfaces with geometry through GeomSim, which works directly off the geometric definition of a part stored in the modeling kernel or CAD System. This means there are no errors due to translation of geometric information. SimModeler Mesh is easily interfaced with any suitable source of geometry supported by GeomSim.

Automatic Mesh Generation

  • Automatic generation of triangular and quad surface meshes
  • Automatic generation of tetrahedral volume meshes
  • Curvature-based refinement
  • Curved element geometry for higher order meshes
  • Mesh gradation with user-specified element sizes on each model entity
  • Generation of matched meshes for periodic boundary conditions
  • Supports non-manifold geometric models (mixtures of solids, shells and wires)
  • Full relationship between the generated mesh and the original model