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SimModeler Mesh Advanced:

SimModeler Mesh Advanced adds additional capabilities, addressing special meshing needs, to SimModeler

Boundary layer mesh generation

Provides the creation of highly anisotropic volume elements adjacent to a surface (boundary layer meshes). Attributes controlling various aspects of the anisotropic mesh generation process can be applied to any region or face of the geometric model, and include the following information:

  • the type of boundary layer
  • the thickness of the first layer
  • the total thickness of the boundary layer
  • the number of layers
The boundary layer mesh may be specified to be all tetrahedral or a mixture of wedges, hexahedra and pyramids. The procedures automatically detect and resolve invalid meshes caused by boundary layers that overlap each other or a nearby surface mesh. The remainder of the volume mesh is filled in using SimModeler Mesh standard volume meshing procedures.

Crack Tip meshes

Boundary layer mesh blends can also be applied on model edges, giving anisotropic graded meshes useful for applications such as fracture mechanics.

Extruded meshes

SimModeler Mesh Advanced provides the generation of extruded meshes that span between two model faces. You can control the number of layers, thickness of each layer, type of element to be generated and the gradation on each end of the extrusion.