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The Simulation Application Suite

The Simulation Application Suite provides a comprehensive range of functional modules including automatic mesh generation, attribute persistence, and results management / visualization necessary for any simulation application. These functional modules can be used either independently or in combination to achieve synergy. The Simulation Application Suite allows you to focus on your core strengths, and application expertise while dramatically reducing the development cycle and time to market.
SimModeler is a customizable interface for geometry-based simulation definition. SimModeler provides a complete environment for rapidly building simulation applications. This customizable interface includes Python scripting for UI customization and application development as well as graphical interactors for creating, managing, and manipulating engineering analysis data. The project interactor allows the user to organize analysis data into projects that consist of model data, mesh data and attribute data. The project interactor then provides functions to create, edit and save project files, load, unload and view data as well as create and assign attributes to model entities. The model interactor provides a 3D viewer for rendering and entity selection of geometry models, while the mesh interactor provides a 3D view and query of the mesh data. The process interactor illustrates process status and progress. SimModeler requires an active license of one or more GeomSim modules.

SimModeler Mesh is a fully automatic mesh generator providing both surface and volume unstructured meshing directly from solid models. SimModeler Mesh supports non-manifold geometric models and maintains the relationship between the generated mesh and the original geometry. SimModeler Mesh offers triangular meshes, quadrilateral meshes, and mixed meshes of surfaces along with tetrahedral meshing of solids. This meshing supports curved meshing of higher order elements and face matching for periodic and contact boundary conditions. SimModeler Mesh also provides extensive mesh sizing and gradation control including curvature based refinement. SimModeler Mesh requires an active license of one or more GeomSim modules.

SimModeler Mesh Advanced adds additional meshing capabilities addressing special needs. SimModeler Mesh Advanced includes Boundary Layer mesh generation, extruded meshes, and other specialized meshing capabilities.

SimModeler Mesh Adapt adds adaptive meshing capabilities to SimModeler Mesh to allow refinement of the existing mesh while maintaining compatibility with the geometric model.

SimModeler Field provides specification, interpolation and interrogation of results as fields. A broad range of field related calculations are supported including integration SimModeler Field can be used to map results from one analysis as loads or boundary conditions for a subsequent analysis. SimModeler Field requires an active license of one or more GeomSim modules.

GeomSim is a toolkit providing a unified topology simulation model with direct access to a broad range of modeling kernels and CAD systems. This allows for direct access to design geometry through a common interface independent of the CAD system or modeling kernel. GeomSim modules require an active license of SimModeler.

GeomSim Discrete provides interface to discrete model representations.

GeomSim Krnl ACIS provides interface to an ACIS SAT file.

GeomSim Krnl Granite provides interface to a Granite and Pro/Engineer file(s).

GeomSim Krnl Parasolid provides interface to a Parasolid X_T file.

GeomSim CAD ProE provides interface to Pro/Engineer.

Supported Platforms

  • Sun-Solaris
  • Windows
  • HP-UX
  • Linux