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Topological and Geometric Queries

GeomSim provides capabilites to load and query models from a wide variety of sources. Its unified topological model allows all geometry sources to be queried using a standard set of functions.


  • Load models from files or use models already loaded in memory (GeomSim Int only)
  • For assembly models, query and traverse the assembly structure
  • Construct simulation models from assembly models, resolving interactions between parts
  • Retrieve tesselation of model for display
  • Traverse topology of model (regions, faces, edges and vertices)
  • Supports a wide range of queries on geometry (parametric evaluations, closest point, reparameterization, etc.)

Analysis Attribute Specification and Management

GeomSim provides the ability to define and manage analysis attributes that are used to define the rest of the information, in addition to geometry, to define an analysis. These analysis attributes may be organized in a variety of ways and can be linked to geometric entities.


  • Specification of geometry-based attributes to define information related to the simulation problem, such as material, loads, boundary conditions, etc.
  • Support of a broad range of attribute types, including integers, scalars, vectors, tensors, strings, or references to other attributes.
  • Assignment and evaluation of complex expressions for attribute values.
  • Organizational structures to group and reuse attributes.
  • Assignment of attributes and geometric queries to facilitate geometry-based meshing.