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GeomSim Abstract extends the basic GeomSim product to include the ability to create conceptual product models on which analysis attributes can be attached. When a CAD model of an actual instance of the product design is created, GeomSim Abstract automatically transfers all of the attributes to the CAD model. This allows analyses to be defined that are independent of the geometry and thus are not subject to becoming invalid during design changes.
This is accomplished by defining a conceptual, or Abstract Model, in terms of Components and Interfaces between Components. A Component may consist of a hierarchy of components. The Abstract Model components defined by GeomSim Abstract are then related to the appropriate Design Model parts or assemblies.
The Abstract Model provides a multilevel representation of Components and Interfaces. This example illustrates an Abstract Model of a heat exchanger assembly. Simulation attributes are assigned to the Components and Interfaces enabling persistence of simulation attributes through complex design changes such as illustrated below, where the fin geometry is replaced with an alternative design concept. The simulation attributes are automatically mapped to the new design concept and resulting Simulation Model(s).
This Abstract Model approach enables the specification of simulation attributes that are insensitive to design change and supports the evolving design process, reducing the need to redefine simulation attributes to evaluate system level design alternatives and component design changes. Attributes for the Simulation Model can be assigned to the Abstract Model and are independent of the Design Model. Design alternatives at a system level may be evaluated by incorporating various component designs. Design changes at the component level, including complex topological changes, are supported since the simulation attributes are defined and associated with the Component independent of the current Design Model. GeomSim Abstract provides a unified, CAD-independent method for simulation definition through the design change process.