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Why License?

In the software development process you must be able to focus on giving your customers the best product for a competitive price. One way to achieve this is to license, rather than develop, certain capabilities for your product.

What should you license?

Take a look at your competition. If most or all of them have an important feature, then having it is not a competitive advantage, it's a requirement to be competitive. If this feature is time consuming to develop, then it is worth looking into licensing those capabilities to save time and money.

In the area of Simulation Modeling in CAE, CAD, CAM, or PLM software, direct geometry access, geometrically associative analysis attributes and automatic mesh generation are becoming must-have features to be competitive. Simmetrix can supply you with these capabilities at a fraction of the price of developing them internally. If you already have attribute management or mesh generation capabilities in your product, you should closely look at the benefit of direct geometry access as well as the cost of support and continued development of those features.

Benefits of Licensing

If you are already licensing either ACIS, Parasolid or Granite for your geometric modeling capabilities, then you realize many of the benefits this gives you:

  • reduced time to market - licensing can cut years from your product development time.
  • reduced development costs - the time saved in development translates directly into cost savings on development. This money can be used to focus on aspects of your product that will give you a competitive advantage.
  • reduced support costs - existing, well tested software is less likely to have problems that will result in support calls. Also you don't have to maintain the skills in-house to maintain the licensed software.

The reason for all of these savings is that the software you license has already been developed and used by many others. This means that most of the problems you would encounter in development have already been fixed, giving you a much more reliable product.

Of course, the company that you license software from must be able to meet your requirements for fixing problems and implementing new features. At Simmetrix we want to make your product a success and are constantly introducing new capabilities based on our customers' requirements. If you find a problem with our software, we are committed to getting you a fix in the shortest possible time - no waiting for "the next release" - we get you an update as soon as the problem is fixed.