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MeshSim is component software for automatically generating high quality unstructured meshes directly from CAD models. Functionalities for special meshing situations are offered through the MeshSim Advanced module. MeshSim interfaces with geometry through GeomSim which works directly off the geometric definition of a part stored in the modeling kernel or CAD system. This means there are no errors due to translation of geometric information.

MeshSim Core

MeshSim Core is the base module for automatic mesh generation. It automatically generates both surface and volume meshes starting from a non-manifold CAD model.

MeshSim Advanced

MeshSim Advanced is an add-on module to MeshSim Core with additional features to address special meshing needs. Current functionality includes boundary layer meshing and extrusion meshing.

MeshSim Adapt

MeshSim Adapt is an add on-module to MeshSim Core that provides the ability to perform adaptive mesh modification for refinement and coarsening of a previously generated mesh