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MeshSim Core forms the basic capabilities of the MeshSim suite of tools. Starting from a geometric model and mesh control attributes, a surface and/or volume mesh is automatically generated. The meshing process is fully automatic with no user interaction needed. The resulting mesh can be accessed from the MeshSim database through an object oriented API. The generated mesh is fully associative with the geometric model.


  • Generation of triangular, quad surface meshes.
    • Works with non-manifold geometric models (mixtures of solids, shells and wires; embedded surfaces; multi-material models).
    • Fully automatic; no user interaction needed.
    • Meshes periodic surfaces without having to split the surface
  • Generation of tetrahedral volume meshes
  • Mesh is fully associative with the geometric model.
  • Mesh Size and Quality Control
    • Basic mesh size specification is given in terms of desired element size either as an absolute size or a size relative to the model entity it is applied to.
    • Automatic curvature-based refinement can also be applied to control geometric approximation. Smaller elements are automatically generated in areas of high curvature.
    • All mesh controls can be applied globally or on each model entity.
    • Mesh refinement sources allow refinement in arbitrary locations in space.
    • Many mesh controls can also be a function of location to allow even more control of the generated mesh
  • Mesh matching - create meshes that exactly match on pairs of model entities. Useful for generating meshes appropriate for the application of periodic boundary conditions.
  • Curved meshes - create second order (quadratic) elements where the higher order nodes are correctly placed on the model boundary while ensuring the validity of the mesh
  • Anisotropic meshes - create meshes with direction dependent sizing, including based on model curvature.
Images courtesy Transpire, Inc.