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MeshSim Advanced is an add-on module to MeshSim that adds special purpose meshing capabilities. These additional capabilities integrate with those in MeshSim Core.


  • Boundary Layer Meshing
    • Highly anisotropic meshes adjacent to a surface.
    • Ideal for CFD and similar applications to capture strong gradients near a surface.
  • Edge Blend Meshing
    • Structured meshes grown from a model edge.
    • Appropriate for simulations where singularities need to be captured such as fracture mechanics.
  • Extrusion Meshing
    • Structured meshes created as extrusions between pairs of model faces.
    • Extruded meshes can be all hex or mixed element meshes.
  • Orthogonal Meshing
    • Special meshing procedures to create all hex meshes for models that are close to be orthogonal.