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Boundary Layer Meshes

The boundary layer meshing capabilities of MeshSim Advanced allows the creation of highly anisotropic volume elements adjacent to a surface (boundary layer meshes). A set of API routines are provided to set parameters describing the boundary layer mesh to be generated.

Attributes controlling various aspects of the boundary layer mesh generation process can be applied to any region or face of the geometric model, and include the following information:

  • the entity to apply the attribute
  • the type of boundary layer
  • the thickness of the first layer
  • the total thickness of the boundary layer
  • the number of layers

The boundary layer mesh may be specified to be all tetrahedral or a mixture of wedges, hexahedra and pyramids

MeshSim Advanced automatically detects and resolves invalid meshes caused by overlapping boundary layers or boundary layers that overlap a nearby surface mesh. The figures to the left show a cut-away view of a model with an invalid mesh before and a valid mesh after the overlap is resolved.
MeshSim Advanced also has procedures to automatically adjust the number of layers in the boundary layer to ensure that an optimal mesh is created. On the left is the boundary layer based on the specified parameters, on the right is the resulting boundary layer mesh with automatic aspect ratio control turned on. This feature makes it much simpler to specify boundary layer attributes while ensuring that the desired mesh is obtained.
After the boundary layer mesh is created, MeshSim's volume meshing procedures are used to fill in the remainder of the volume.