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Boundary Layer Blends

In some situations it is desirable to have smoother meshes at corners. Procedures in MeshSim Advanced allow "blends" to be created around sharp geometric discontinuities. This can give much better meshes for certain analyses. Note: in most of these pictures only the boundary layer mesh is shown, the rest of the domain would be meshed with MeshSim standard volume meshing procedures.
Mesh without blends Mesh with blends
Of course, blends can be used with all the other capabilities of MeshSim Advanced such as spatially varying mesh size as shown in the example to the right (the boundary layer mesh has been cut away to show the interior structure).
The blends can also be used without boundary layers on the adjacent surfaces giving the ability to create strongly graded, structured meshes around certain model edges. Meshes such as these are useful in applications where there are strong gradients in the solution at sharp edges, such as fracture mechanics.
To the right is a blend mesh around an embedded model face such as might be used to represent a crack in a solid. The blend meshes can be either all tetrahedral or a mixture of wedges, hexes, pyramids and tets.