• Mesh Generation

    Mesh Generation

    Automatically generate high-quality unstructured meshes

  • Boundary Layer Meshing

    Boundary Layer Meshing

    Create boundary layers for CFD analysis

  • Mesh Adaptivity

    Mesh Adaptivity

    Refine meshes based on solution feedback

  • Parallel Meshing

    Parallel Meshing

    Create multi-billion node meshes using parallel processing

  • 3D Image Data Processing

    3D Image Data Processing

    Convert voxelized image data into geometric models for meshing

Simulation Modeling Suite

The Simulation Modeling Suite is a set of C++ libraries that can be embedded into your application to provide robust, high quality, automatic mesh generation and other simulation modeling functionality.

The mesh generation capabilities work on general non-manifold geometries and include: surface and volume meshing, boundary layer meshing, extrusion meshing, higher order (curved) meshes and many other features. Adapting existing meshes is also fully supported, including moving and deforming bodies. All meshing functionality is fully automatic and also works in parallel.

Mesh generation maintains a direct interface to a wide variety of modeling kernels and CAD systems and also support discrete (mesh-based) geometry. This direct access ensures complete conformity of the mesh to the geometry.

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SimModeler is a full featured preprocessor built on top of the Simulation Modeling Suite. It streamlines the generation of analysis input decks for a variety of analysis packages starting from geometric data.

Starting with your CAD data, SimModeler allows you to prepare your model for simulation by removing unnecessary features, creating non-manifold geometry from assemblies, and augmenting with additional geometry. Discrete data can also be imported and prepared for simulation.

The built-in meshing functionality then allows you to easily create high quality meshes for your simulation.

SimModeler can be easily customized and extended to produce run-ready input for additional solvers.

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Mesh Generation Image: Model Courtesy Infolytica Corporation